Förderung & Unterstützung

In December 2005, the BMBF (Ministry of Research, Education and Technology) funded Addiction Research Network ASAT (Speaker Prof. Wittchen) at the Institute of Clinical Psychology, jointly with the BMBF-endowed Chair of Addiction Research (Prof. Bühringer) and the Chair of General Psychology (Prof. Goschke), in close cooperation with the Department's Centre for Cognitive-Affective Neuroscience and colleagues from the Medical Faculty, joint forces to establish the Dresden Neuroimaging Centre.

The University and an international review board approved our research concept and programme in April 2006. The BMBF provided us with a generous research grant to acquire a 3T-MRI-system (Magnetom Trio A Tim system 3 T [Siemens] with whole body suite). The Centre went operational in December 2006.